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The Harbour Bay Medical Centre provides a variety of valuable health services in the area. With mainly specialist services which were previously not available in the South Peninsula. All these services are in one building, conveniently situated next to the Harbour Bay Mall, nestled between the sea and mountains of picturesque Simon’s Town.


Harbour Bay Surgical Centre is a hospital offering same day surgery in a state-of-the-art surgical center. The benefits to same day surgery are:


- Lower risk for hospital acquired infections


- Limited waiting times


- Day hospitals are the smart alternative


- No overnight stay required


- It is more convenient and cost-effective compared to surgery in a

  larger acute hospital


- Medical aids are supporting the same day surgery concept and prefer

  a day case to be performed in an appropriate day hospital facility

The unit boasts a 20-bed facility with two well-equipped operating theatres, as well as two consulting rooms for the surgeons for

pre and post-operative visits from patients. The Advanced Harbour Bay Surgical Centre will cater

for a wide range of day surgical procedures that will include the following:


Orthopaedic surgeons l General surgery l Gynaecological surgery l Plastic surgery l Urology

Dental and maxillofacial surgery l Ear, nose and throat surgery

The centre will also have the Harbour Bay Sessional Rooms where visiting specialists will be hosted such as: specialist physician, paediatrician, vascular surgeon, breast surgeon, on- cologist, and speech therapist. Other specialities utilising the facilities include an audiologist, occupational therapist and lymphatic drainage therapist. A leading neuropsychologist will provide The Memory Clinic, which offers a dedicated, one-stop diagnostic, treatment and management service for adults with memory-related concerns.


Longbeach Dental welcomes you and your whole family. They pride themselves in making sure you have the quality and scope of dental care you deserve. Catering to all your  dental health.


021 785 4444

Harbour Bay Family Practice is  based in the medical centre.


General Practitioners

Dr. Stevn van der Merwe

Dr. Riki Theunissen

021 786 1697



Lisa Salter

021 785 4314


Lancet Laboratories provide a full pathology service, where samples can be drawn and processed on-site. It is the only functioning pathology laboratory in the Deep South, ensuring urgent pathology results can be communicated.


021 786 9508


Main Lab

021 673 1700

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